InQuickSticks Best Book Summaries to Read in Minutes

Title InQuickSticks Best Book Summaries to Read in Minutes
Image InQuickSticks Best Book Summaries to Read in Minutes
Description How to Win Friends & Influence People (Book Summary) by Nada KassirDecember 13, 2021 Basic rules for how to make a good first impression The 48 Laws of Power (Book Summary) by Nada KassirNovember 24, 2021 The secret methods to getting what you want Who Moved My Cheese? (Book Summary) by Nada KassirNovember 22, 20212 Comments An Amazing Way to Deal With Change in Your Work and in Your Life Start Where You Are (Book Summary) by Nada KassirNovember 21, 2021 A Guide to Compassionate Living Karma is a state of being that we create within ourselves: Consider what would happen if you inflated a qualification on your résumé while applying for a job. You find out you’re being fired owing to budget cuts after only a few months on the job. You groan, “Why do these bad things happen to me?” “It’s got to be my terrible luck.” Alternatively, things could go the other way: you put money in a homeless person’s jar, and later that day, someone you’ve been eyeing invites you to dinner. You might say, “Ah.” “My good karma is starting to pay off.” In reality, neither of these assumptions is correct. Rather than being a process of justice imposed from on high, karma is something that exists within you and is completely under your control. This is not what karma is. It’s not about paying the price or reaping the benefits of past actions. Nobody is sitting in judgment with a good-and-naughty book, judging who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. Consider karma as an internal loop that we create for ourselves. We respond to stimuli all of our lives. A mental reaction creates a chemical reaction, which causes a physical experience, strengthening the chemical and mental oscillations. These responses build patterns, and these patterns take on the shape of our personality. As a result, our “personality” has an impact on how we see the world. Karmic memory isn’t something we merely make up in our heads. It’s a multi-level cause-and-effect loop that includes cellular and genetic levels. Another way to look at it is as follows: Karma is a self-programmed software that operates indefinitely. Our karma develops a vasana, which roughly translates as “scent,” due to the recurring patterns that result from executing this software. The vasana you produce for yourself cannot be sensed by the nose, but it can attract or repel other individuals or situations, much like a good or bad scent. For example, one person may repeatedly attract the same type of abusive relationship. Another may be blessed with financial success. However, karma isn’t in charge. You are. Once you realize and comprehend it, you may rebuild the software and reclaim the driver’s seat of your own life, allowing you to live with confidence and delight.

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