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Title Iqads - AdJob - Advertising, communication and marketing jobs
Image iqads - AdJob - Advertising, communication and marketing jobs
Description Iqads - AdJob - Advertising, communication and marketing jobs IQads is a platform dedicated to the communication and creative industries, where the largest creative community in Romania operates: professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, aspirants and admirers. We have a mission to inspire, encourage entrepreneurship and support the development of creative industries. We bring to the public's attention people, projects, events, businesses and niche areas, who have creativity at the center of their activity, as well as debates of some issues they face. We support and promote pro bono a series of institutions, projects and activities that have a positive impact both in the creative industries and in society. Associations / NGOs: We support institutions such as: Hospice Casa Sperantei, UNICEF, SOS Children's Villages, Regina Maria Foundation, Let's Do It, Romania !, Workshops Without Borders, Code4Romania, Give Life, MagicCamp, Princess Margaret Foundation, WWF by promoting initiatives them or assist them in the recruitment of human communication . Professional organizations and educational initiatives : We support the initiatives of associations such as UAPR, IAA, RAC, GWPR, IAB, ADC, etc. by promoting them . Start-ups and Freelancers at the beginning of the activity : We help the teams at the beginning of the road in the creative industries through the Creative Start-Up Program , through which we offer them our services (presentation and story, recruitment of team roles, presentation of services) Debate / KnowHow: We are an open platform for relevant opinions of professionals in these industries, on their areas of interest and / or activity. And we offer a space to present ideas, know-how in these fields through Insider . IQads is part of an entrepreneurial entity , so we follow and are conditioned to be profitable. We collaborate with over 400 private companies, mainly with those that offer communication and marketing services and some of the top 300 companies in Romania. We sell our services and tools to these companies , which help them in the communication activity of their initiatives, activity, brands or in the process of recruiting roles in the departments of marketing, communication, creation, digital, sales, research, etc. Target audiences Professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs: those who work in dynamic industries: communication and marketing (creation, PR, digital, media, research, etc.), creative industries (design, fashion, music, film, performing arts), IT, sales, etc. or are future professionals in these fields. Brand-aware: those for whom brands and their communication are important for the purchase decision Core: 25 - 44 years (60%) / Extended: 18 - 44 years (over 70%) CONTACT IQads is part of the Blue Idea portfolio. BLUE IDEA ONLINE SRL, Romanian legal entity, headquartered in BUCHAREST, Str. PRESEI, NR 1, BL.28, SC.A. AP. M2 CAM.2 ATTIC, registered at the Trade Register under no. J40 / 8552/2014, unique registration code RO33400518, having bank account no. RO91CECEB32030RON3809146, legally represented by MARIUS CRISTEA as Administrator. During this period, you can find us in: Darza, Starda Gavanei 86M, no. 7 (Dambovita county) and from spring: BUCHAREST, Str. PRESEI, NR 1, BL.28, SC.A. AP. M2 Info: Marius Cristea / Email: Marius [at] / Tel: 0744796531

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