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Title The Forex Channel - Trade Setups and Tutorials
Image The Forex Channel - Trade Setups and Tutorials
Description It's time to get forex trading insight that makes a difference. The Forex Channel is the place for forex trade setups, chart analysis and trading tutorials Hi, my name is Luay Afouneh (AKA Technician) and I am here to share knowledge When I started to learn trading more than 10 years ago, I was confused. I didn’t know what to read and who to trust, given all the commercial material out there, which I believe account for the vast majority of the online educational material. I made my own research to have my personal conclusions, while continuing to learn. I always remember that feeling. Hence I will do my best to provide free valuable and hardly gained content to people who need it. My posts are my personal thoughts and journey. It’s only meant to share my view. I don’t charge any fee for this, so if you have an issue with my trading ideas at least don’t be rude Trade Setups Trading Tutorials Chart Analysis Start Learning Forex Chart Analysis Chart Analysis for the Majors(Nov 22) by Technician 18 hours ago Add comment Short term chart analysis for the euro, yen, cable, loonie, aussie and the Kiwi against the USD. Potential scenarios and key support and resistance levels to watch for the pairs. Content hide 1 EURUSD Analysis 2 USDJPY Analysis 3 GBPUSD Analysis 4 USDCAD Analysis 5 AUDUSD Analysis 6 NZDUSD Analysis EURUSD Analysis The EURUSD maintained the bearish trend, extending the downside below the targets mentioned in the prior chart analysis post. Recent Comments Helmut on Chart Analysis for the Majors Deborah Nelson on Forex Tutorial For Beginners Rebone Molefi on Forex Reversal Candlestick Patterns: The Most Powerful Mizan on Technical Analysis Tutorial: A Practical Guide Technician on Technical Analysis Tutorial: A Practical Guide The Forex Channel

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